Here is your to-do list for a positive week ahead  💛

💫Tell the people you love how much they matter to you

💫Make it your mission to make one person a day smile

💫Tell yourself at least 5 awesome things about YOU every day

💫Laugh. Lots. And then some more. And then even more 😂

💫Take time every day to think of everything you’re grateful for in your life – people, pets, things 

💫Appreciate all the beautiful things you see – buildings, nature people!


Not only will this raise the way others feel, you’ll feel incredible too! Good vibes mean your brain produces more beneficial neurochemicals resulting in great clarity, a clearer headspace, and improved cognitive function.

The overall result?

A more productive, fun and positive week! What’s not to love about that?

Have an amazing week ahead and live in the moment x