“Working as a coach, speaker, and a trainer and I help to transform my client’s lives…”

I’m Kirsty Anne Rae. Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker

We all have the ability within us to live our best life, create happiness and success and having a coach is a way to streamline that and provide you with the insights and tools to do so.

With my life and business coaching work, I have the privilege of working with incredible business owners and career professionals who are looking to excel in their lives, work, and business while also having fun, happiness and balance.

I’m different from a lot of other coaches in that I have expertise, knowledge, and experience in both business and life coaching/therapy. My clients come to me because they want to work with an expert who understands the mind as well as how to run and grow a successful business. I offer the complete package.


Even before my professional journey started, I have always had a passion for helping others, a calling so to speak. I started professionally in the world of complementary therapies and nutrition and from there moved into managing and growing health and beauty businesses.

I realised I loved learning how to improve and grow businesses so diversified the sectors of businesses I worked with. But something was missing.

With my clients, we would put in place the strategies and processes but often their mindset wasn’t right so I embarked on my journey to learn even more about how the mind works and how to further help my clients. Fast forward and after a lot of training and studying I had qualifications and certificates in COSCA counseling, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Coaching, Hypnosis and Cognitive Reprogramming.

My passion is working with motivated clients to help them to create and live their best lives because that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do for myself and I want to help as many others to do the same too! It’s so rewarding helping my clients to live a successful life full of purpose and one that fits their values and mission.


Now I get the best of all worlds. I am able to help my clients therapeutically to let go of old fears, anxieties, and negative behaviours. With coaching, we work to move you forward to achieve all your goals. For your career and business, it’s a combination of coaching and mentoring to create even more success.

I truly love what I do and am on my own mission to serve as many others as I can to have their best life.


My Motto for life is Your life is a collection of moments so fill them with Happiness. I VERY much spend my time filling my moments with things that fill me with joy.

Outwith my work I love to learn and grow. Growth is HUGELY important to me so you’ll find me attending trainings and seminars, listening to podcast and reading books. My partner Gary, also a coach, loves growth too so often we’ll have couples study nights in, taking notes, sharing ideas and learning.

As a child of nature, you’ll also find me adventuring in the woods, hills and beyond with my baby, Dexter, the French Bulldog. Connecting with the earth and switching off from technology creates space for you to connect more deeply with who you are and seek answers. It’s allowed me to also tap into a greater sense of creativity.

And in between all of that, I adore movies and the cinema. It’s a fun escape to a new world, new adventures, and possibilities!

My mission is to continue to empower others to see their greatness, embrace it and make their dreams a reality. To help them to truly experience all life has to offer and the joy of loving who they are and what they do.

So if you’re ready to have even more in life; more success, more happiness, more freedom, and more balance then book your complimentary Success call and find out how you can create your dream life.



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