“Working as a coach, speaker, and a trainer and I help to transform my client’s lives…”

I’m Kirsty Anne Rae. Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker

We all have the ability within us to live our best life, create happiness and success and having a coach is a way to streamline that and provide you with the insights and tools to do so.

I work with people who are looking for more in life, who are ready to grab the reins and make their dreams a reality. My clients are looking to live an incredible life, love their work, not just plod along and survive.

For myself, I have been involved in the world of mind and body optimisation for over 16 years. I began my personal development journey as a teenager and realised in my early twenties I had a unique ability to see through peoples nonsense as in seeing the real person and their real pains.

This led to coaching where I work one on one with people to develop their own mind and body optimisation to feel incredible, be their best selves and let go of the unhelpful behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that have kept them in a place of average. I believe life is for thriving and experiencing all the joy there is, not just to merely go through the motions.

I’ve created a life where I work when I choose, doing something I love with incredible people. My life is full of happiness and success because I’ve created it that way and this is exactly what I do with my clients, allow them to create a life they love.

Outwith one to one client work, I adore delivering workshops, speaking, and training. It’s a beautiful opportunity for me to give back and allow even more people to learn how they can create more happiness, freedom, and success in their lives.

I regularly give motivational and inspiring talks so if you would like me at an event please do get in touch. I believe it’s important to contribute and give back.

Growth is something that inherently as human beings we strive for and this often means pushing outwith our comfort zones, something I regularly do and highly recommend. Whether it’s conquering fears, learning new skills or literally walking over broken glass, life has an abundance of ways we can push ourselves even more.

As a child of nature, you’ll often find me adventuring in the hills with my baby, Dexter, the French Bulldog. Connecting with the earth and switching off from technology creates space for you to connect more deeply with who you are and seek answers.

My mission is to continue to empower others to see their greatness, embrace it and make their dreams a reality. To help them to truly experience all life has to offer and the joy or loving who they are and what they do.

Your life is a collection of moments so fill them with Happiness.

Start Living Your Best Life. Contact Kirsty Today