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Grow Your Business, Grow Your Mindset, Grow Your Results 6 Month Program

August 6, 2019

Before you read on ask yourself, “Am I Ready to Grow the Business, Mindset and Life of my Dreams?”

The reality is, not everyone will be ready, because being ready means you are willing to put in the time, effort and work to make it happen.

There is no magic pill that will do it all overnight for you. There is, however, a proven formula for growth and success and the Grow Your Business, Grow Your Mindset, Grow Your Results 6 Month Program will give you exactly that and much more.

✨ If you want to have a business with a consistent flow of your ideal customers and clients who love your products and services then this is for you.

✨ If you want to have a business and mindset that means going to “work” feels fun, easy and pleasurable then this is for you.

✨ And if you want to have a business and a life that gives you balance, enjoyment and time to do everything you want to do then this is for you.









So what exactly is the program you ask? 🤔

It’s a combination of group coaching, training and mentoring along with personalised 1 to 1 coaching sessions.

All designed to allow you to input the specific strategies for your business’s unique growth and success in a simple, effective and fun way.

Each month you will build on the previous months learnings and actions to create consistent new practices and habits that allow sustainable and ongoing growth in your business.

Every month you will have a full day in our beautiful Glasgow city centre premises with other like-minded and motivated business owners where you will cover the following with your Business Growth program workbook:

🌟 Visualisation to create your ideal future, manifest opportunities and find answers
🌟 Getting clear on your success plan with goal setting and action steps for the month ahead
🌟 Have clarity on your numbers to implement a profit increase plan
🌟 Have your questions and current struggles addressed with a round the room open coaching and mentoring session
🌟 Creating and improving a Growth and Success Mindset to think and behave like a Top performing Entrepreneur
🌟 Monthly takeaways for you to implement
🌟 Business Growth Topics which are listed below

Creating a monthly system for success means it’s easy for you to implement, saves you time and leads to an increase in profits and sales. In addition to your success system, you want to make sure you are equipping yourself with the tools, skills and knowledge so will learn the following Business Growth Topics over your 6 months:

➡️ Creating an Effective Sales Process
➡️ Speaking Your Customers Language
➡️ Getting Clear on Your Brand Values
➡️ Effective Copywriting skills and Persuasive Influential Language
➡️ Emotionally Connecting with Your Tribe
➡️ Using Social Media Effectively
➡️ Understanding Algorithms and How to Stay Ahead
➡️ Creating a Marketing and Digital Marketing Calendar
➡️ Changing and Removing Unhelpful beliefs
➡️ Creating Success Habits and Behaviours
➡️ Improving Your Online Visibility
➡️ Developing a Successful Sales Funnel
➡️ Using Email Marketing to grow your Customer Base and Increase Sales

Over and above that you will have additional learnings, tips and questions answered by Kirsty every session. With over 17 years of experience in successful business management, growth and coaching roles, she has a wealth of knowledge to ensure you get results. This is also backed by her professional qualifications in project, programme and business management, e-commerce, digital marketing, HR, finance management. As a big believer that your mind is your most powerful tool, Kirsty is also a certified Master Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis Practitioner, Cognitive Reprogramming Therapist and Mindful Teacher so will ensure you are creating a mindset for happiness, growth and success.

💫💫💫TESTIMONIAL: CAT HERD – CREATIVE MARKETER, WEB DESIGNER & CONTENT MANAGER “I met Kirsty through networking and she is one of the nicest, smartest, bubbliest and coolest people I know. She has time for everyone to find out what the wants and needs of all of her clients are. I jumped at the chance of attending her Business Growth program in Glasgow as I knew it would be amazing.
Kirsty took time to explain how to start running a successful business from goal setting to marketing and social media to sales. A great time was had by all as dry topics became fun, complicated algorithms became simple to work with, pitching and videos became less daunting and selling became second nature. Kirsty gave everyone the chance of having a successful business by having fun, understanding your customers and utilizing the tools available i.e. social media platforms. If you are in need of a business coach I’d highly recommend Kirsty Anne Rae Coaching and if you’d like to attend a Business Growth Program then you’ll not find better value and service then this tailor-made program.
Can’t wait for the advanced one!”💫💫💫

“I know exactly what it’s like growing a business. So many business owners spend so much time IN their business rather than taking a step back and working ON their business. I developed and created the Grow Your Business, Grow Your Mindset, Grow Your Results 6 Month Program to have a clear set of steps to allow growth in all areas as well as an ongoing system for business owners to continue seeing results. These are tried, tested and proven methods to ensure all participants will have amazing results as well as a nurturing community of like-minded people.”

Every business is different, as is every business owner so you will also have a monthly one to one session with Kirsty to clear any blocks, address any specific areas for improvement and ensure you are on track for great results. Your session is bespoke to your needs so can comprise of strategic planning, business processes, unique marketing and also mindset work such as removing anxieties, clearing past events, letting go of fears and creating new success behaviors.

You will have ongoing accountability during the 6 months, access to any additional VIP days and trainings which are exclusive to Kirsty’s clients and networking opportunities to grow your business connections.

🤔 What if I’m fairly new to business, will this work for me? 🤔YES, absolutely. You are creating a solid foundation and structure for ongoing success and will learn what you need to in the program.

🤔 I’ve been in business for a number of years now but am not getting the results and growth I want, is this program for me? 🤔
YES, 100%. You will get rid of any bad habits, instill processes for growth and also show you how to enjoy doing it to reignite your passion and belief in what you can achieve.

🤔There are so many business courses, will this one definitely work for me? 🤔 YES, completely. As long as you commit to the activity and put in the steps, you WILL get results and more growth.

Ok, you’d like to know how you get involved? Your investment is a full day a month, plus a 1 to 1 coaching session and the time taking to implement your growth items each month. The program is only £279 per month.

I know, I know, your first thought is probably, “It seems like a whole lot of value for just £279, what’s the catch?” The catch is for you to take the action. Yes, you will gain so much knowledge, value and information from your sessions, it’s up to you to put in the work afterward to reap the rewards.

The dates for your full day sessions are as follows:

Wednesday 7th August 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 4th September 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 2nd October 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 6th November 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 4th December 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 8th January 10am to 5pm

All one to one monthly sessions are booked at a time that suits you either in person or via video call.

“I launched my first business back in 2002 and had the catch 22 of I wanted to invest money into myself and my business but I’m also still growing my business so don’t have huge amounts to put in. If you’re currently in that situation, I understand so you have the option of a longer term payment plan to make it accessible. My mission is to help as many people live their best lives as possible so I want to make that an option for everyone to achieve, provided they will put in the effort.”

🤔 I would like to know more before I book – Great, you can contact me directly at kirsty@kirstyannerae.com with the subject matter Grow My Business, Grow My Mindset, Grow My Results and I’ll answer your questions and can even set up a time for a chat.

🤔 I’m ready to book, what do I do? Go ahead and book your place using the Deposit ticket option here. Your deposit is £99 and the remaining August balance will be due one week before your first full day on 7th August. Thereafter it’s simply a monthly direct debit for the next 5 months or longer if you choose a payment plan option.

🤔 How many people will take part in the group sessions? Numbers are kept to a maximum of 14 for your best learning, input and value. No exceptions to this rule and the next program will not be until 2020 so if you do wish to take part then book your space. Currently, 5 spaces are already filled as of 24th June.

Still not sure it’s for you, have a read at the following testimonials and then you’ll know if you’re ready to grow your business, grow your mind and grow your results.

💫💫💫CLARE – WORDSMITH, COPYWRITER & COACH “Fab events, really great content. Great framework to take away.”💫💫💫

💫💫💫CLEMENCE – DIRECTOR, ADVENTURER & NOMAD “Absolutely brilliant – got a lot more from the course than what I was expecting, which was already high”💫💫💫

“Program was perfect. Really helpful, brilliantly positive with extra sparkle. “💫💫💫

OK I’m 100% IN!  – Fantastic, you can book your spot clicking here and I’ll be in touch to confirm and get you set for success!!

For bespoke courses, workshops or 1 to 1 coaching you can contact me directly at kirsty@kirstyannerae.com or on 07538241412.

For other upcoming events, you can visit my events page.

Looking forward to helping you to Live Your Best Life.


August 6, 2019


Kirsty Anne Rae


Kirsty Anne Rae Coaching
111 Union Street
Glasgow, Scotland G1 1TA United Kingdom
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