Kirsty Anne Rae



If you’re ready to take action to create the life and business of your dreams then read on….

As a Life and Business Coach I specialise in working with driven business owners and career professionals who want to have it all: success, happiness and balance.

Working together we will focus on your mindset, behaviours and strategies to take you from where you are to your dream life. Say goodbye to the blocks and old patterns that have been holding you back and say hello to a life and business full of fun and great results.

Whether you’re looking to work on and improve your goal setting, relationships, business growth, finances, wellbeing, weight, mental health or career we will work on that giving you greater joy and freedom.

You may wish to have more self-love, stress reduction, improved energy, increased motivation, leadership skills and professional abilities which we will create for you. It’s simply adding on to your already great self.”

OK, I’m ready to TAKE ACTION to create my dream life, tell me how……. 

What people are saying….


Back from attending Kirsty’s Goal Setting & Vision Board workshop and have to say not only was it full of good practices but it was also good fun.

Kirsty is an insightful, amusing and compassionate speaker who is extremely generous with her knowledge and time.
Absolutely recommend training anyone with her.


I attended the Improve Your Mindset session and would definitely recommend it as a great starter to the week. After, I felt ready to start the day, filled with motivation.

I learned new aspects of NLP and mindfulness and walked away feeling very grounded and relaxed. Kirsty provided us with exercises that one can implement in their day to day life which I believe is very important. Can only recommend!


Kirsty has helped me see much more clearly what I need to do in my business to move forward with confidence and I’m looking forward to working more with her.

Kirsty is positive and bright and is fun to be around which is always a plus in my book!

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