In a nutshell, I’m a former Lost Soul turned Transformational Coach who coaches women to reclaim their Confidence, Connection to Self and Purpose. 

I work with female business owners and career women to help them transform into the best versions of themselves, let go of any blocks that have held them back, and create their best life.

My Big Why?

I believe we ALL have the power to live and create a dream life full of abundance, happiness and fulfillment. I’ve done it personally and it’s my mission to help others like you to do the same.

I’ve been where you are, knowing within yourself there is so much more to experience, feel and have in life, just not knowing the path to achieve it.

My purpose and passion is to guide you to make your BEST life a reality, to remove the barriers that have stopped you and to empower you to embrace and BE the incredible woman you truly are. 

The Quick Version:

I’m a South-African by birthplace and on my Mum’s side, Scottish by my now home town and my Dad’s side. Beautiful Glasgow is my current home.

I’m a typical Taurean as well a natural rebel so a bit of an enigma whilst also an open book.

I fell into coaching by overcoming my own personal and life struggles, knowing it was my responsibility to share that transformational path with others so they didn’t have to stay in that place of pain of mediocrity.

I truly believe that you DESERVE to have and experience EVERYTHING that you want in this life. I’m walking proof that it’s possible and achievable.

My babies are Dexter the French Bulldog and Lara the Moggy, OK she’s still a kitten. Family are HUGELY important to me and that includes my wonderful partner Gary.

Coffee is THE best thing. EVER! OK it’s an obsession of mine, I’m an on-off caffeine addict by choice because it’s just sooo good!

I ADORE being out in nature, surrounded by greenery and water. Connecting to the simple joys and pleasures in life.

I was born to help others to truly BE who they are in all their shining glory and have their best lives.

As a lifelong student, I’ve studied and hold certifications and qualifications in Nutrition, Complementary Therapies, Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Counseling, Life Coaching, Cognitive Reprogramming, NLP, NLP Master Practitioner training, and Hypnosis to name the main ones. 

For over 22 years I have educated myself in human psychology, meditation, unconscious change strategies, mindset, personal growth, manifestation and the universal laws. I have been using my learnings and professional training to support my clients to have their best lives since I first started as a therapist back in 2002.

I’m an award-winning coach and multi-national business award finalist with over 20 finalist award places since 2017.

My daily role is that of a coach, a guide and a mentor. Working one on one and in groups settings with passionate women to help them transform from where they currently are to where they want to be

Here’s what I can help you do

Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety, “I’m Not Good Enough” self-talk and that feeling that “Is this all there is to life?”

Become crystal clear on what your best life is and how you can live it and create it.

Create your happiness and success roadmap to BE, DO and HAVE everything you want from now onwards.

Know exactly WHO you are and HOW you will show up for YOU in the world and for your incredible future.

Deepen the connection and relationship with yourself and others, enhance your confidence and self-love.

Let go of the Limiting Decisions and Unhelpful Beliefs that have been holding you back, replacing them with Empowering Choices and Inspiring Beliefs.

Remove past negative emotions, fears and traumatic emotional experiences, allowing you to be free from old hurt, fears and pain.

Know how to master your mindset, have the power to motivate yourself, be the one in control of your mind and thoughts.

What others are saying

I attended the Improve Your Mindset session and would definitely recommend it as a great starter to the week. After, I felt ready to start the day, filled with motivation. I learned new aspects of NLP and mindfulness and walked away feeling very grounded and relaxed. Kirsty provided us with exercises that one can implement in their day to day life which I believe is very important. Can only recommend!

Lilly Hambrecht

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