Mentoring & Coaching

Do you want more from your business?

More income?

More growth?

More time freedom along the way?

But you’re not sure the best or smartest way to make it all happen. That’s OK, I’m here to help.

I work with driven and passionate business owners and entrepreneurs using my bespoke methodology to help you create the business of your dreams allowing you to have the freedom and life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to work 60+ hour weeks, be switched on 24/7 for business and have no outside life then STOP reading now. I’m not the coach or mentor for you.

I believe, and know firsthand, that you can have a business and a lifestyle that leaves you feeling fulfilled, purposeful, happy and free. I only work with business owners who want to have balance between a business they love which lights up their soul and allows them to have an enriched life filled with joy and fun.

This is what I have created in my business and life and is EXACTLY what I coach and mentor my business clients to do. To create and grow their business using a model that starts with your life goals and lifestyle because treating your business as separate from YOU and your life is a sure fire way to MISS OUT and even BURN OUT!

My methodology is based on over 18 years experience working with a wide variety of individuals,  businesses and companies from new starts to multi-million turnover  established companies. I have developed and tested my process, refined it and now every one of my clients achieves great results with their business when they apply the process. 

So what exactly is business coaching and mentoring?

It’s a professional partnership, like having another Director on your team who is fully committed to you, your business and your results but with no attachments or bias. We have open and honest conversations and during our sessions create actionable plans and steps for you and your business.

While I have a set methodology, it’s bespoke to every client because your business is unique, as are you. My approach is tailored to suit you. I get to know YOUR business inside and out and we co-create the BEST business growth model for you and your goals. 

Your coaching and mentoring package will be laid out as a success plan to follow so you know exactly  what to work on, your goals, targets and processes. During our work together I’m also here as a sounding board and accountability partner to keep you on track.

How does it all work?

My package and system is simple and powerful. Strategise. Scale. Succeed.


We start by creating your strategy which entails developing your business methods of operation, knowing and mapping your customer journey and how you will grow your business. This includes creating or fine tuning your sales process, marketing plan, automations, success systems and client relationship model.


With the foundational steps in place we create your ongoing growth plan to allow you to scale your business and, if applicable, we will also introduce recurring income streams so you have multiple forms of business revenue. This includes setting up your follow up systems, connection programs, symbiotic alliances and any additional support. Scaling doesn’t mean you suddenly need bigger premises or staff, we have a number of scaleable models to use to best suit YOU, your business and the life you want to create.


This is your ongoing roadmap, essentially your secret sauce that you can keep applying and keep reaping the rewards. It also means you know exactly what to do to create and enjoy EVEN MORE success, again and again.

Next Steps

To work with me as your business coach and mentor it starts with a consultation call.

Why can’t I just book you for coaching and mentoring?

Because I believe in ONLY working with clients where both coach and client align and where I know I can help you to achieve the results you want. We have a 30 minute consultation for me to understand your business, your goals and then share an outline for your Success plan.

If I’m not a fit for you or vice versa you’ll have your next actionable steps to move forward and I can refer you to a better suited coach and mentor for your business.

I’m excited to learn more about your business and the great life and success you are going to create!

One Off Strategy Sessions

If you simply want a single strategy session to map out a plan for your business growth with no additional coaching or mentoring then you can email me directly at kirsty@kirstyannerae.com with what you’re looking to achieve and we can book you in from there. The sessions are between 60 minutes to a half day depending on what you’re looking for and prices will be given on application.

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